Heavy Club Swipe: Exercise Technique Explained

The heavy club swipe is an exercise made up of two movements: The heavy club swing and pullover.

How to perform Heavy Club Swipes

Grab your clubs off the ground and hip hinge swing to “order position”. Order Position is holding the club upright in front of you, keeping your arm close to the body and in a 90° angle.

(1) From the Order Position, you tip the club forward and let the drop momentum swing the club and your arm back behind you. Push your hips back and, keeping your back straight, bend forward as the club swings back.

(2) At the bottom of the swing, use your hips to help drive the club’s momentum back forward. Then snatch the club in the Order Position.

(3) From the Order Position, lift the elbow and extend the club behind your back. Do not let your elbow flare out to the side.

(4) Then pull the club back in front of you into Order Position. You’ve completed a rep.

Common issues & mistakes

Arching your back is NOT good. You are only supposed to be raising your elbow and engaging your mid-to-upper back. Arching means you are using your lower back, which is incorrect.

Loose grip is dangerous. Make sure you are gripping your club with ALL fingers on your hand.

Improper shoulder rotation. You might turn your shoulder too far inward or too far outward when swinging.

Squeeze your glutes if your lower back hurts. Lower back pain can be related to having weak glutes. Heavy club training does a great job of helping with this. Check the Tips & Tricks section further down for more info.

Heavy Club Swipe Variations

Heavy Club Double Swipes. Starting in the pullover position. Swing the clubs down in a “chopping” motion. Let your body hinge at the hip. When your arms are elongated and clubs are at the bottom of the movement, your hips should be pushed back and your back bent forward. It should feel as if you’re positioned to make a big jump. Then you’ll swing the clubs in front of you and hold them upright in front of your body. This is the full rep. Then you begin the next rep from the pullover position.

Steel Club Double Side Lunge Swipes. This movement is very similar to Heavy Club Double Swipes. Except you will step to the side with one foot, and from the pullover position, swing one club outside your legs and the other club between your legs. Then after you swing the heavy clubs back up, you will step your foot back in with the other foot. You will alternate feet every rep.

Steel Club Swipes Tips & Tricks

Relax hands at the bottom of the movement. Followed by explosive upward hip hinge movement.

This movement can be practiced in two parts. One part being Order Position to swing. The second part being Order Position to pullover. You can practice these two separate movements separately until you’re ready to perform the full swipe. This will also strengthen your wrists for better endurance while performing swipes.

Breathe out every time you change directions/stop the movement. This helps engage your core and adapts you to breathing during ballistic movements.

Squeeze your glutes when the club is above the waistline. You can relax the glutes during the downward swing portion of the movement.

Expect more movement with heavier weights. More movement is normal, just make sure you take advantage of this additional movement by controlling the direction and momentum of the club.


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