Best Steel Club Training Exercises & Movements

Welcome to the Best Steel Club Training Exercises and Movements portion of the Heavy Club Guide.

Before we get into the movements, we’ll quickly go over warming up, bodily systems, and cooling down.

Feel free to skip to the steel club exercises and movements.

The Importance of Warming Up

Club swinging involves almost all the muscles of the body in one complete exercise. It is therefore extremely important that you warm up your muscles before training.

Warming up prepares the mind and body for exercise and improves your overall performance, also avoiding reducing risk injury.

Heavy club training exercises and movements include the following bodily systems:

Cardio-vascular System (Heart, Lungs & Circulation)

The system is designed to deliver blood containing oxygen to the muscles. It also removes carbon dioxide and other byproducts of exercise from the muscles.

The circulation of the blood also takes heat away from the muscles and delivers fluids to the sweat glands.

Musculo-Skeletal System (Muscles & Tendons)

There are many joints in the body, such as, the foot, ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist, and fingers.

These joints are held together by ligaments, supported, and moved using the muscles.

Our joints move along with gravity and momentum from the body and muscles contracting. The joints most affected by heavy club training are the should, arm/elbow, wrist, fingers and spine.

Neuromuscular System (Brain, Nerves & Body)

This system forms the major control and feedback mechanism for any physical activity. It must be fully involved to make the most of any exercise activity.

This feedback mechanism is sometimes referred to as “hand-eye coordination”, or psycho-motor system. Which is particularly important in club swinging.

Warming up raises the core temperature of your body, warms your muscles, gradually increases heart rate, improves blood circulation, and stimulates other systems in the body.

Note that the shoulders, arms, and back are going to take the most stress from heavy club training. So these areas of the body should get more attention while warming up.

The Importance of Cooling Down

After a club training session, it is important to cool down, stretch, and allow the body to recuperate.

Cooling down eliminates lactic acid and other byproducts from the muscles. It also allows you to regain control over your breathing and lower your pulse back down to normal.

List of Best Steel Club Training Exercises

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