Heavy Club Shield Cast: Exercise Technique Explained

There are many variations of the heavy club shield cast. The best variation to learn first is the two-handed clubbell shield cast.

How to perform the Heavy Club Shield Cast (Two-Handed)

Grab your club off the ground and hip hinge swing to “order position”. Order Position is holding the club upright in front of you, keeping your arm close to the body and in a 90° angle.

Both hands should be on the club shaft towards the knob side. One hand just above the other hand on the shaft.

(1) You will bring the club up and past your ear. If your left hand is on top, bring the club up past your right ear, and vice versa.

(2) When you get the club past your ear, let it tip over and use the momentum to let the club swing behind your head.

(3) Pull the club over past your opposite ear and in front of you into Order Position. You’ve completed a rep.

Common issues and mistakes

Not letting the club go low enough behind your head. You aren’t letting the swing happen on its own. Make sure to let the club tip over after it goes past your ear, so it gains momentum for you to control. Check out the Tips & Tricks section further down.

Heavy Club Shield Cast Variations

Heavy Club Gamma Cast (Two-Handed). This exercise is essentially the main two-handed shield cast. Except after every rep, when you bring the club to Order Position, you will perform the rep in reverse.

Single Arm Shield Cast. Using one arm in Order Position, bring the club up to your arm’s opposite ear. This means if your club is in your right hand, you will bring it up and past your left ear. You will notice a much bigger arc going and coming from behind your back. Then bring the club back in front of your from the other side, safely into Order Position.

Alternating Shield Cast. This involves two clubs, one in each hand. Starting both arms in Order Position. Perform the Shield Cast one arm at a time. The arm that’s not traveling around your body is engaging your arms and core throughout the exercise.

Steel Club Shield Cast Tips & Tricks

Let your hands travel low behind your back. You want your fingers to go down past your neck when the club is behind your head. This depth gives the club the range of motion it needs to swing and come over to the other side of your head. This part takes practice.

Keep your core tight and glutes engaged. This prevents any back arching.

Practice the pullover. If you’re struggling with this movement, it’s a good idea to practice the heavy club pullover first.


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