Steel Club Clean: Exercise Technique Explained

The steel club clean is a fundamental heavy club exercise that is the next progression after heavy club swings.

There are many variations of the steel club clean. The best variation to learn first is the one-handed steel club clean.

How to perform the One-Handed Steel Club Clean

(1) Grab your club off the ground and swing it behind your back.

(2) When the club reaches the end of its arc behind you, use your hip hinge to thrust give the club momentum to swing forward.

(3) Once the club is travels in front of you, use your hand to flip the club upright, bring your elbows in, and keep it still. This is known as “order position”.

Order Position is holding the club(s) upright in front of you, keeping your arm(s) close to the body and in a 90° angle.

(4) Push the club out in front of you and tip the club forward. Let the club swing behind you so you can perform the exercise again.

Each time you return to Order Position counts as a rep.

Common issues and mistakes

Don’t let your arms go too far back. Your arms should align with your spine at the back of the movement and not go further back.

Not slowing down before stopping. Attempting to stop a club in motion can cause injury. Make sure to slow down the club before stopping to prevent accidents or injury.

Steel Club Clean Variations

Double Heavy Club Clean. Grab a clubbell in each hand and perform the double swing outside of your legs. When the clubs travel in front of you, flip them both upright and bring your elbows in. This position is referred to as “double order”, but I prefer to keep calling it Order Position. Then push the clubs out in front of you and tip them forward to start the next rep.

Steel Club Clean & Pressout. Perform the heavy club clean normally. Except when you bring the club to Order Position, instead of tipping it over to start the next rep, you will hold the club tightly and hold it out directly in front of you with straight arms. Keep this position for a moment. Return to Order Position, then start the next repetition.

Heavy Club Clean Tips & Tricks

Notice your fingers. Across many exercises you will notice that you will grasp the clubs differently depending on the part of the movement you are performing. Since this movement is foundational for future exercises, practice it regularly for added coordination.


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