Heavy Club Training Program & Workout Routines

Welcome to the Heavy Club Workout Routines section of the Heavy Club Guide.

Before you start your FREE 7-Day Heavy Club Training Program, here are a few notes to go over:

Keep track on your phone or in a notebook how many reps/sets you can do for each exercise. It’s important to increase the load over time to build muscle. If you can’t do all reps given, no worries, just make sure to take note of how many reps and how much weight you can comfortably perform with.

If you choose to get our program, you should look over your notes and try to increase your reps or weight for any set or exercise wherever possible.

This is called progressive overload and it’s absolutely essential for muscle building.  The body always adapts to your exercises, so each week or two you must challenge your muscles more by increasing your volume.

If some exercises are too challenging, do less reps or use the smaller clubs. Please make sure you keep track of this, so you can adjust your workouts for progressive overload moving forward.

Make sure you properly warm up before working out.

Take between 60 seconds and two minutes rest between sets.

DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS POSSIBLE. Skeletal muscle is more than 70% water so this is very important. Try to set reminders on your phone if it helps. The more you drink the better.

Proper sleep and rest (at least 8h per night) will also help with your body’s recovery and how you feel overall.

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Here are 7 FREE Steel Club Workouts for you to try out:

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