Steel Club Swing: Exercise Technique Explained

The steel club swing is a fundamental heavy club exercise. There are many variations of club swinging, the first everyone should learn is the steel club front swing.

How to perform the Steel Club Swing

(1) Grab your club off the ground and swing it behind your back.

(2) When the club reaches the end of its arc behind you, use your hip hinge to thrust give the club momentum to swing forward.

(3) Each swing back and forth is a rep. You finish your set by returning the club to the ground beside you.

Common issues and mistakes

Not slowing down before stopping. Attempting to stop a club in motion can cause injury. Make sure to slow down the club before stopping to prevent accidents or injury.

Steel Club Swing Variations

Heavy Club Side Swing. Grab your club off the ground swing it to the same side as the arm you’re using. Keeping your legs, feet, and pelvis facing straight. At the tip of the club’s arc to your side, rotate your body and use your arm to control momentum and swing the club to your opposite side. Use the momentum like a pendulum.

Note: The club will travel higher on the side you used to grab it. This means if you’re using your right hand to swing the club, it will travel higher when it swings to the right and lower on the left, and vice versa.

Steel Club Side Swing Pendulum. This exercise moves like the regular Steel Club Side Swing. Except you will not keep your lower body facing forward. Instead, you will pivot your feet to face the direction the clubbell is swinging towards. You will pivot to the other direction as the club reaches the top of the arc on the given side. The swing height should be the same on both sides.

Heavy Club Swing Tips & Tricks

Squeeze your glutes. This helps stabilize the body and adds momentum to the swing when done properly.


List of Best Steel Club Training Exercises

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