How to Swing a Steel Mace

Weight & Technique. When purchasing a heavier mace or your first mace, it is extremely vital that you make an informed decision about which option to go with. If you do not use the correct technique, you will strain the muscles in your back. – or worse. When you swing the mace behind you, using improper technique causes you to take a significant fall. Especially if the weight of the mace is too much for you to bear.

Mobility. When using a mace, mobility is of the utmost importance. The ability to move and load within a predetermined range of motion for a joint is what we mean when we talk about mobility. If you are unable to reach behind your body, you will have to compensate for the lack of mobility in your shoulders and lats by using other parts of your body.

Tightness in the Back If you already have a tight back, swinging a mace could potentially overload the muscles in your back even further. Before beginning your training, it is essential to check that your back is flexible and mobile in order to prepare it for the demands of the workout. A good way to accomplish this is by beginning the workout with some mobility exercises. In the video that I uploaded to YouTube, I demonstrate a few exercises that can be done to get the back more flexible.

The position of the back in question. It is important to pay attention to the position of your back, particularly your low back. It is necessary to tuck the hips to a certain extent in order to prevent direct firing of the muscles in the low back. Numerous individuals have a low back that is excessively arched, and it is imperative that the tucking in of the hips be taken into consideration when working with these individuals.